Can't Stress These Resources Enough

Tips for teens and young adults (YA), but I won't YAk on about them. You're one click away! 

Hey, there. You are on a website with text (this text!) being typed (right now, but not when you read it) by Alex Bell, a graduate student at Kent State's School of Library and Information Science. She is compiling this website of resources for managing stress with tips and tools in mind for teens and young adults, but they can help anyone. She has dealt with anxiety as a teen and adult and is happy to share these resources with you. Any feedback or ideas can be shared with her at

The website is meant to help you find:

1) Resources for managing stress and finding where to go and what to do in your own town 

2) Resources for managing stress that you can find anywhere, at any time

3) Resources for managing stress that you can access online or on your phone

This website covers how to find books, events, and other resources from your library in addition to giving you search tools and my own resource suggestions. I hope you like it!


Thank you for visiting!